Lansky Diamond Pocket Stone #LDPST

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Sharpener - Pocket
CAD $15.99


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Product Number: LDPST

Combining classic pocket stones with a heavy duty diamond sharpener allows you to put an edge on the hardest of blades whether in the field, boat, or at work.


  • 1" x 3" diamond grit sharpener
  • Full diamond sharpening surface on both sides
  • Sharpening groove for hooks and other pointed objects
  • Comes with a convenient carrying pouch.

Diamond Pocket Stone Instructions

  1. Place the thumb on one end of the stone and the tip of the second or third finger of the same hand on the other end of the stone.
  2. Place the blade’s edge against the flat side of the sharpener. While maintaining a consistent angle and with even pressure gently push the entire edge across the sharpener in a single stroke, much like attempting to slice a thin layer off the side.
  3. Stroke 3-5 times and repeat this on the reverse side of the blade.
  4. Continue this process until the blade is sharp.
  5. Use hollow line to sharpen fish hooks or other pointed objects

Note: Lubrication is not recommended with the use of diamond stones

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