TroutBeads GlowBeadz, 10mm Packs of 15, Various Patterns #GL/10

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Realistic looking TroutBeads mimic the true size and buoyancy of single fish eggs, making them ideal bait for trout. Glow Beadz are the perfect solution for night fishing or dealing with dirty water.

One of the most requested products since started is “glow in the dark” beads. The challenge though, was to make them glow for hours not minutes. With a two minute charge (of sunlight, a flashlight,etc…) they will glow for up to 8 hours.  Even when eggs are not the fish’s primary target, you can peg a bead ahead of a lure or streamer as an added attractant. The light given off by the bead creates an enticing natural flash.

This synthetic roe can be easily adjusted for a variety of depths and are rapidly becoming the #1 Ontario Steelhead and Salmon bait for drift and centerpin fishing.

Beads can be secure in a number of ways, including float stops and toothpicks, but by far the best and easiest way to ensure a confident presentation is Troutbeads TB Peggz, tapered silicone pegs perfect for securing these hard baits.

TB Peggs can be found in Orange, Pink, and White packs of 50


  • Glow lasts for hours after charging
  • Realistic Buoyancy
  • 10mm Diameter
  • Durable Construction
  • Packs of 15


  • 71 - Frosted BD71-10
  • 76 - Bubblegum BD76-10
  • 77 - Sunburst BD77-10
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Additional Information

Bait - Roe (Artificial)
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